How to unlock Smoke

In a single player arcade mode get the game over screen where you see input for
a 10 symbol code. Each button on the player 1 and 2 control deck corresponds to
a box. Based on the below key enter the following code to permanently
unlock Smoke as a fighter.

NOTE that you can reverse cycle through the codes by holding the joystick up
and pressing the buttons. For example: Box 3 calls for Block 9 times.
To get there just hold the P1 Joystick up and press Block once.

10902 - 22234

Player 1

High Punch: 1 times
Low punch: 0 times
Block: 9 times
Low kick: 0 times
High Kick: 2 times

Player 2

High Punch: 2 times
Low punch: 2 times
Block: 2 times
Low kick: 3 times
High Kick: 4 times

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