Mortal Kombat 3 Kombat Kodes and cheats


Random Select
Up + Start at the select screen. The default characters must be highlighted
for this to work - Shang Tsung for player one and Liu Kang for player two.

Win 100 battles in a row. Can also be done by entering the kombat kode.
Use High Punch to fire.

Freeze your opponent while he is in danger.

Kombat Kodes

On the VS screen (in 2 player mode), there is input for a 6 button code.
The Low Punch, Block, and Low Kick buttons on the player 1 and 2 control
deck corresponds to a box. Using the key below cycle through each box the
amount of times indicated to activate the kode.

NOTE that you can reverse cycle through the codes by holding the joystick up
and pressing the buttons. For example: Box 1 calls for Low Punch 9 times.
To get there just hold the P1 Joystick up and press LP once.

Player 1
Box 1: Low punch
Box 2: Block
Box 3: Low kick

Player 2
Box 4: Low punch
Box 5: Block
Box 6: Low kick

Kombat Kodes
987-123 - No Power Bars
020-020 - Blocking Disabled
100-100 - Throwing Disabled
466-466 - Unlimited Run
460-460 - Randper Kombat
688-422 - Dark Kombat
642-468 - Galaga (Game over for both players after playing)
985-125 - Psycho Kombat (Dark kombat, Randper kombat, no Blocking)
707-000 - Player 1 Quarter Energy
000-707 - Player 2 Quarter Energy
033-000 - Player 1 Half Energy
000-033 - Player 2 Half Energy
239-494 - Sweeping Disabled
978-243 - Heavy Damage Both Players
972-279 - Timer Disabled

Winner Fights:
(Winner of 1st round plays a certain character, and it's game over for the loser)
969-141 - Winner Fights Motaro
769-342 - Winner Fights Noob Saibot
033-564 - Winner Fights Shao Kahn
205-205 - Winner Fights Smoke

987-666 - Hold flippers during casino run
282-282 - No fear = Ed button, Skydive, Max Countdown
123-926 - There is no knowledge that is not power

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